Darrell Fusaro

Today It’s OK to Fall Back & Have a MeltDown

In The unexpected stuff that makes life great on November 8, 2010 at 4:20 am

I love decorating our home with unique items.  Today we got an extra hour, thanks to daylight savings time.  I love to “fall back.”  So I used my “free” hour enjoying a melt down in our living room.

Recently, “MeltDown,” a trendy restaurant closed it’s doors.  They were known for their gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.  MeltDown was walking distance from our home located right next door to my favorite Starbucks in downtown Culver City.  Lori and I loved their motto, “It’s OK to have a MeltDown!”  Not because of the double entendre but because it helped us justify eating a delicious gourmet grilled cheese sandwich, without too much guilt.

I was sad to see them close their doors.  While the contractors were doing the demo I asked them what was in store for the old “MeltDown” sign.  They already began to tear down most of it but the large letters spelling out “MeltDown” still remained.  The foreman, Todd, said that it was going to be trashed with the rest of the old fixtures.  Since that was the case, I asked if it be alright for me to have the sign once they got it down.  He said, “Sure.”

A few days later Todd’s right hand man, Lester, had the letters safely put aside for me.  I asked him what I owed him and surprisingly he said, “Nothing, we were taking ’em down anyway.”  I loaded the letters in my car, zipped over to the ATM and returned to hand Lester forty-bucks.  He tried to deny my offer so I explained giving him the forty-bucks would make me feel better.  “At least take it to buy the guys some beer after work.” I said.  He smiled thanked me and took the money.

I went home excited about my new unique purchase.  The “MeltDown” font in orange and yellow had a retro mid-century era feel that would work perfectly in our home.  So that’s where it went, on the wall over our couch between two windows in our living room.  Lori loves it and so do I.  What did you do with your extra hour today?


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